Do you find good physical preparation important for your dog?

Why do you think it could be important?

Is it important for...

  • Injury prevention / decreased risk for injury
  • Increased body awareness / accuracy in tasks
  • Enhanced performance (better speed, strength, endurance)
  • Improved flexibility and active range of motion
  • Getting to know your dog's body: their strengths, their weaknesses, and turning weak points into strengths
  • Maintaining symmetry of the body
  • Giving us the ability to specifically train groundwork skills needed for sport training

The course is designed by Jana Gams, DVM, CCRP

active competitor in Agility and FCI Obedience

FUNdamentals K9 Conditioning Course

You are able to enroll at any time, any day per year!

  • Exercises in detailed video, photo and written explanations, structured for targeted strengthening of the front, rear, and core

  • With emphasis on correct performance of the exercises for best strengthening outcome: what to look for, how to teach and troubleshooting possible issues

  • Life-time access to all content

  • Warm-ups and Cool-downs as an Alpha and Omega of every dog training session

  • Including active stretching & flexibility exercises to improve active range of motion

  • Understanding your dog's body structure and how can you help to turn his weak points into his strengths

  • BONUS: a complete 6-week day-by-day progressive strengthening plan with structured workouts, training tips, and planned regeneration days for a guaranteed success

  • Certificate of Completion after finishing the course

This course is ideal for:

  • Sporting and working dogs

    To decrease risk for injury, increase accuracy in tasks, and enhance their peak performance

  • Family and older dogs

    To improve the longevity of our dogs and keep them fit and mentally entertained

  • Young dogs

    To help them learn how to use their body through safe, controlled and low-impact conditions at first

All you have ever wanted to learn to improve performance of your dog in one class: the FUNdamentals on-line

Read personal experiences about the course from those who have already took it!

Naarah Cuddy, Great Britain

Agility World Championship member in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019, Founder of Into Shape Agility

»I wish instead of a like button there was a LOVE button for this page! Me and my girls love D4M, their exercises have really made a big difference to our agility! FUNdamentals online strength and conditioning course is full of great exercises and information packed, Jana is very knowledgeable and her responses are extremely detailed. Thank you Jana and team! Highly recommended!«

Lisa Frick, Austria

4x Agility World Champion, 9x member and multiple medalist of AWC and EO in the past 10 years, 2x European Open Vice-Champion

»Perfect class for building balance and strength for my dogs, super easy to understand and very good feedback!«

Elena Murashova, Russia

World champion of FMBB in FCI Obedience in Germany (2017), Slovenia (2018); Vice-champion in Czech Republic (2019)

»FUNdamentals Conditioning course and Dynamics in Control are very interesting and wonderful courses. I learned many useful exercises for my dogs. I liked the very detailed and understandable explanation of each exercise, a lot of attention is given to the safe execution of exercises. My dogs perform exercises every week during our walks, at home, before training. And they do theirs with pleasure!«

Maruša Podjed, Slovenia

Veterinarian, Agility World Championship member and multiple medalist with 3 different dogs, member of European Open since 2012, European Open Champion individual & team in 2018, AWC and EO Vice-champion

»FUNdamentals is not suitable only for young dogs in sport, but also to keep retired dogs as fit as possible so they can follow the youngsters with daily activities! Just like with human atheletes, also with dogs the major preparation starts away from the main sport. Dogs4Motion offers the whole package; Off the competition season my dogs besides daily hikes mostly do dog fitness and hydrotherapy to stay in shape as only strong and fit dogs will be able to compete in the highest level injury free. Combined with regular phisiotherapy i strongly believe this is the way to get dogs best! All my dogs are happy to be a part of Dogs4Motion team!«

Birgit Piho, Estonia

Active competitor in Agility, FCI Obedience and IGP

»I am really happy that I entered my dogs to Fundamentals online course. This was absolutely super online course. There were very good exercises and really good theory part. Jana's feedback for all the videos was very thorough. I am really satisfied how my dogs looked after the course and how much better was their coordination.«

Lea Komat, Slovenia

Member of Agility World Championship (2017-2018) & European Open (2016-2019)

»I started working with Jana almost 3 years ago and ever since, she has been an indespensable part of our training plan. She is always there for us - for conditioning plan and workout (her tips on how to get a specific move from your dog are priceless) or regular preventive check ups and massages. Regardless of what your dogs needs are, Jana always adapts to their individual needs. She is kind and with an amazing feeling and desire to help dogs to be in best shape possible. She gives her heart into every single one of her animal clients and treats them as they were her own. I'm grateful I have a chance to work with such a person as Jana is. And seeing how my dogs adores her, I'm quite certain they feel the same. Thank you Jana!«

Eva Lacnakova, Czech Republic

Multiple time European Ošen and Agility World Championship team member

»FUNdamentals course is offering extremely valuable, professional, complete and structured information about dog fitness. Not only it gives great description of the exercises as such, but also makes connection with the dog’s body built and impact of exercises to individual parts and the whole organism. It also explains in detail repetitions for different groups of dogs (age, shape, …) which makes it very easy to practice in home conditions without risk of under/overdoing. Jana’s advice is personal and hits always the point! Definitely a YES for me! Thank you, Jana!«

Martina Stryckova, Austria

Founder of - Shop for dog athletes

»Finally, this was a course that taught me the full background to all exercises. Not only what exercises to do, but PROPER FORM for each one and what are the options to progress to next levels! I could apply all I learned not only to our active dogs, but also to our oldie. Since I discovered Jana and Dogs4motion, I recommend this to all my friends and customers who are interested in dog fitness!«

Meet your instructor

Jana Gams, DVM, CCRP

● Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner
● CEO of Dogs4motion veterinary rehabilitation and hydrotherapy center

● Active competitor on international level in Agility and FCI Obedience; dog training instructor

"Are you curious what encouraged me to design a step-by-step on-line canine conditioning course program for improving dog’s physical and mental abilities in a safe, efficient and FUN way?

Working with many canine athletes on a daily basis, as well as actively training and competing in several dog sports with my own dogs, helped me to better understand the needs of their excellent body and mental preparation, to maximise their physical abilities, as well as to reduce risk for injuries. I have learned also if/when injured, conditioned dogs recover much faster as compared to dogs lacking in strength even prior to injury.

So far I was able to help more than 300 participants from 6 different continents all around the Globe on improving their dog's physical preparation." 

  • Easy to use

    The program is extremely easy to use.

  • Visual content

    The class is equipped with thorough visual explanations for better understanding

  • Lifetime access

    You can access via computer, tablet, phone or smart TV. All days of the year - starting at any time.

  • Fb Group

    Closed Facebook group for all our past and future participants

  • On demand feedback

    You will have the option to request further feedback on demand!


  • Which dogs are SUITABLE for joining the FUNdamentals online canine conditioning course?

    The program is designed to suit all age stages of dogs: puppies/young dogs, adults – sporting, working or family dogs, as well as for our oldies goldies who could benefit from some extra proprioception work! However, when dealing with a specific condition (joint pain, past injuries, etc.), make sure you have your dog regularly checked by a specialist who can keep an eye on his well-being, or apply to our 1-on-1 personal consultations for a further follow-up on your case!

  • How can the same course be suitable for young/old as well as for top canine athletes even though they all have different needs?

    The difference is in the AMOUNT of repetitions, and equipment SET UPS, so you will be impressed by how you can make the same exercise as easy as possible, as well as super difficult for top athletes! All this included in the class, so an extra benefit if you own more dogs with different needs!

  • Do we need to have special PRE-KNOWLEDGE for joining in?

    No, either you or your dog can be complete beginners to be able to follow the course, because it contains all the foundations needed to get safely and effectively into the world of canine conditioning! However, experienced handlers (or dogs) will be challenged enough to make them occupied as well ;-)

  • Is there special EQUIPMENT needed?

    No special equipment required!! A simple do-it-yourself platform or foam pad will suffice. Even though it is good to have some basic fitness equipment (or more, if you want to add in some difficulty), it's not necessary to have it when signing up for the class - we can always use some stuff from your house inventory!

  • This class is SELF-STUDY. What if I run into a problem and need help?

    This course is designed as SELF STUDY program. But don't worry! You are able to upgrade and additionally purchase the 1-on-1 personal consultation about your work with Jana!

Pricing options

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the FUNdamentals course!

    • Welcome!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    The Know-How for dog fitness

    • Teaching the skill, working out, progressing

    • Playing it cool: safety notes

    • Warm-ups and Cool-downs: The Alpha and Omega

    • Bony landmarks: Get to know your dog

    • The Front: it's role in activities and body structure traits

    • The Rear: it's role in activities and body structure traits

    • The Core: Center of gravity

    • Test your learning

  • 3

    Groundwork for Skills: Week 0

    • IMPORTANT! Set good foundations

    • Biomechanics of Exercises: Understanding weight distribution is the key!

    • Starting points: Front Feet up

    • Starting points: Rear Feet up

    • Balanced standing position: stand still on two objects

    • FF / RF Transitions

    • What are SETS and REPETITIONS?

    • Position changes to begin with

    • Cavaletti exercise

    • Got stuck and in need of help?

    • Test your learning

  • 4


    • Introduction to the Skill-Room

    • Starting points: FF up

    • Starting points: RF up

    • Stand still exercise

    • FF / RF Transitions

    • Rock back Sit to Stands

    • Down to Stands

    • Tucked Sit to Kickback Stands

    • Cavaletti

    • Figure 8

    • Cookie Shifts

    • High fives

    • Push back up

    • Crawling

    • FF down stepping

    • Lateral side stepping

    • Transitions Advanced

    • Play bow to Stand

    • Pivoting

    • Walking backwards

    • Plank

    • Sit to Stand Ups

    • Twist Ups

    • RF down stepping

    • Semicircular Cavaletti

    • Cavaletti Extended

  • 5

    Mobility Room

    • Mobility Exercises

  • 6

    WORKOUT: Week 1

    • Let's start!

    • Test your skills

    • How to work out?

    • Workout 1.1: Total circuit

    • 5-min Skill Time: assignment time!

    • Workout 1.2: Rear + core

    • Resting day

    • 5-min Skill Time: Push back up

    • Workout 1.3: Front + core

    • Resting day

  • 7

    WORKOUT: Week 2

    • It's too easy! - Is it, really?

    • Workout 2.1: Front + core

    • 5-min Skill Time: Lateral side stepping

    • Workout 2.2: Total circuit

    • Resting day

    • 5-min Skill Time: Transitions Advanced

    • Workout 2.3: Cardio

    • Resting day

  • 8

    WORKOUT: Week 3

    • Ways of Strengthening

    • Workout 3.1: Total circuit

    • 5-min Skill Time: Pivoting

    • Workout 3.2: Total circuit

    • Resting day

    • 5-min Skill Time: Walking backwards

    • Workout 3.3: Front + core

    • Resting day

  • 9

    WORKOUT: Week 4

    • Quality before quantity

    • Workout 4.1: Cardio

    • 5-min Skill Time: Plank

    • Workout 4.2: Total circuit

    • Resting day

    • 5-min Skill Time: Twist ups

    • Workout 4.3: Rear + core

    • Resting day

  • 10

    WORKOUT: Week 5

    • Training basics: The big picture

    • Workout 5.1: Core

    • 5-min Skill Time: RF down stepping

    • Workout 5.2: Total circuit

    • Resting day

    • 5-min Skill Time: Semicircular Cavaletti

    • Workout 5.3: Front + core

    • Resting day

  • 11

    WORKOUT: Week 6

    • Going forwards

    • Workout 6.1: Cardio

    • 5-min Skill Time: Cavaletti Extended

    • Workout 6.2: Total circuit

    • Resting day

    • Workout 6.3: Total circuit

    • 5-min Skill Time: It's your turn!

    • Resting day

  • 12

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

On demand 1 - on - 1 with Jana Gams

  • Personal feedback option

    In case you run into a problem, or just want to check if you are on the right path with performing the exercises, I am here for you! Providing full feedback on your home-training videos any time you are in a need of personal approach

Read personal experiences about the course from those who have already took it!

Katarina Podlipnik Capuder, Slovenia

Founder of FUNtastic dog (on-line) training, owner of 8 happy dogs, multiple European Open and Agility World Championship medalist

»Keeping my dogs in top condition is really important to me - not only because that allows them to perform at their best, but also because that helps prevent injuries. Dogs give their best every time they step on the training/competition field and doing my best to keep them healthy and physically prepared for all the challenges, is something I owe them as the owner and handler. And just because of that, Jana's conditioning classes are huge part of our training and warming up/cooling down routine. All exercises are designed in a way to make it as safe for the dog as possible, she puts a lot of attention to details (which is REALLY important when we come to conditioning) and on top of that, Jana and Eva know really well how to adapt to every individual dog and give them what they need the most (when you have breeds that are not really "social butterflies", working with someone who understands dog's character is really important). So thank you Jana and Eva for your great classes and for all the "live" trainings and check-ups! It means a lot to me, to have someone so skillful watching over my dogs!«

Meow Heong Tan, Singapore

Active competitor in Agility

»I was thrilled when Jana first offered the Fundamentals online K9 conditioning course. It was something that I’ve been looking for, to help keep my agility dogs fit and injury free. The course content was very well-organized and contains details of what each exercise achieves and how to increase challenges. Jana has been the most encouraging, patient and kind, always reminding her students to go at a pace that the individual dog is able to perform, but at the same time spurring those dogs who could already do to keep up with the challenges. Her feedback to students’ videos and questions was very clear, very often going at length to explain and point out the good and not so good tries, just to make sure that we understand. Whenever I faced difficulties in doing some exercises, she always has solutions for every situation and every dog breed. Before attending this course, I was doing some conditioning exercises randomly, but now I know exactly what exercises to do first to warm up the body, before moving on to the ones that build strengths and the ones for cooling down. I would recommend this course to every handler and dog. It’s a very fun way to bond with your dogs working through these exercises, and at the same time, a great way to keep your dogs fit!«

Don't miss it out, and grab your opportunity, we will definitely have great fun!