Warm-Up / Cool-Down Routine

Warm-Up / Cool-Down Routine

Warm-up and Cool-down as an Alpha and Omega of every dog sport activity

Agility specific video to properly warm up and cool down your canine athlete before and after every dog training session and competition



Did you know...

...human sprinters on 100m thoroughly prepare and activate their muscles for more than an hour before they start?

And all they have to do is run straight for world record of 9,58 seconds!


Now imagine an agility dog clearing a course of 22 obstacles after only a short walk to wee, and briefly playing with a toy?


The warm-up not only prepares the whole body system: nervous system, cardiovascular system, metabolism, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, it also leads to an immediate improvement in performance, and helps reduce the risk of injury.

And when you have successfully finished your run or your training, don’t call it quits just yet! Not only it is very discouraging for the dog to be put away and ignored after a good job, a cool-down certainly serves to accelerate the recovery process, and helps the dog to relax and settle down.


So, how have you been warming up and cooling down your dog so far?

If you didn't, or if you are still questioning yourself whether your routine is fully appropriate or not yet, this is the right time to be guided by Jana Gams, DVM, CCRP, founder of Dogs4motion veterinary canine rehabilitation & conditioning, and active competitor on international level in Agility.


»As an owner of sporting dogs, with 15 years of experience in dog training field, and 8 years competing in agility, I know exactly the specific needs of sporting dogs, and how their trainings, and competitions look like. I combined my competing experiences with my proffessional field of work: graduated from veterinary medicine, and post-graduated from CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner). While working with sporting dogs on daily basis, including the participants in World Agility Championships and other big international events, I know also their most frequent consequences of excessive sports stress.«






Warm-up / Cool Down Routine: Agility specific video
You will get:
  • Essential roots: Introduction to Warming up: 
    the golden rules for successful warm up of your canine athlete

  • Nuts and Bolts: Game Plan for effective Warm-up Routine:
    practical part with all exercises for a complete three-dimensional routine specific for agility dogs

  • End of the Line with Cool Down:
    gradual decrease in activity, stretching exercises to help decrease muscular tone

  • Bonus! Common questions: Q and A’s: 
    containing all answers to frequently asked questions, such as what to do if participating at multiple events per day, running multiple dogs closer together, how to adapt the routines in warm/cold weather, or when there is limited space available, and more!



This Warm-up / Cool-down Routine video is a product of veterinary and canine sports medicine knowledge, personal training experiences, and thorough research on the warming-up & cooling-down field. Even though we believe the value of this content is priceless:), 

you will get it for:  57 €          Buy Now!       


With these exercises, you will be able to target and prepare all body areas for immediate improvement in agility performance!

Don't miss your chance, this Warm-up / Cool-down Routine is an Alpha and Omega of every dog training session and competition!


Why only agility specifics included in here? Although a dog should be warmed-up before and cooled-down after ANY activity, I am also in big favour using different routines for different dog sports, totally focused on it's particular needs - physically and mentally. This is why this Warm-up / Cool-down Routine for Agility is only the first one in our Warm-up / Cool-down Routines series! 

But, you are more than welcome to get yourself this one even if you don't train agility! The general guidelines both for warming-up and cooling-down can be applied within a variety of different dog sports, and you can then equip yourself only with following sport-specific extensions to this program!


Maruša Podjed, Slovenia     

Veterinarian, Agility World Championship member and multiple medalist with 3 different dogs, member of European Open since 2012, European Open Champion individual & team in 2018, AWC and EO Vice-champion

This Warm up / Cool down Routine video is exactly what agility world needs at this moment! I am following this warm up/ cool down routine for some years now and the results are simply amazing! My dogs have never been prepared for agility better, not just phisically, but also mentaly! Every agility dog deserves to be prepared for it no matter the level of competition as this will help him and his handler to enjoy the career for as long as possible!


Potential risks such as negotiating the equipment, late handler cues, and slippery surfaces can contribute to an increased risk for injuries. Most often damaged areas include the shoulder region, toes, and iliopsoas.

And by warming up the dog prior to the activity we can:

  • Tremendously contribute to improved temperature in muscles and joints, allowing them to stretch and move within their better range of motion, reducing their susceptibility to injury
  • Improve extensibility of musculotendinous connections, which is believed to be one of the weakest links and most commonly damaged areas in the musculoskeletal system
  • Increase nerve impulse transmission and proprioception abilities - appreciation of joint position was found to be significantly more sensitive after warm-up
  • Increase cardiovascular function - heart rate, blood circulation and blood flow to the tissues, providing them with oxygen and nutrients
  • As well as encourage our dog’s mental preparation and focus


Think about what kind of motions dogs do when running an agility course?

In agility, the dog sprints, weaves, jumps, turns and twists, changes directions, accelerates and decelerates, and we simply cannot properly prepare the body for these high-power actions by only walking the dog.


...But you are still questioning yourself on HOW to do it, right?


Warm-up / Cool-down Routine

Agility specific video to properly warm up and cool down your canine athlete before and after every dog training session and competition

We will focus on thorough preparation specifically designed for the agility dog:

  • Why it is important,
  • How it helps prevent sports-related injuries and improve performance,
  • Setting up a proper three-dimensional warm-up routine with dynamic exercises,
  • We’ll take a look at a cool-down routine with stretching exercises,
  • And answer frequently asked questions about warm-ups/cool-downs I get when lecturing at workshops and seminars.


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...Still not convinced? Then read some more of the personal experiences with this video from successful agility trainers and collegues from the physio & rehabilitation field around the World!


»This Warm up / Cool down Routine video is a perfect guidance for a proper warm-up and cool-down routine. Finally I have a great plan to warm up my dogs and know exactly of what to take care of before and after each run in training or competition!​​​​​«

- Lisa Frick (Austria); 4x Agility World Champion, 9x member and multiple medalist of AWC and EO in the past 10 years, 2x European Open Vice-Champion

"Very helpful, easy and clear: what to do, how to do and what to avoid: a perfect routine!"

- Debora Severo (Italy); Physiotherapist and Osteopath, working with human and canine athletes

"I love this Warm up / Cool down Routine and all the amazing details those videos include! Not only because they teach you how to properly prepare the dog for activity and help prevent injuries, but also because they give you a wider inside about why this is important, how to do it correctly, what to be careful about and also show the importance of not only warming up/cooling downs itself, but also all the bonding and mental preparation that happens during those activities. Full package :D"

- Katarina Podlipnik Capuder (Slovenia); Founder of FUNtastic dog (on-line) training, multiple European Open and Agility World Championship medalist

"An absolute must-know for every handler and responsible dog owner! Great and nicely structured content, perfect explanations and useful tips from real life!"

Eva Lacnakova (Czech Republic); Multiple time European Open and Agility World Championship team member

"Must- know for each competitior! Such an important topic to prevent injuries and get the best possible performance of each agilitly dog!"

- Anne Lenz (Germany); Agility World Champion and multiple AWC and European Open medalist, multiple German Champion

»I have already learned so much from some workshops and lectures by Jana, but the Warm up / Cool down Routine videos helped so much to really put everything into perspective and to develop a real to do list for each and every warm up (and of course cool down and stretching) I do with my dogs! Stretching explanations are super clear and I really liked how I could watch it over and over again while working on my dogs to be sure I am doing it right. What I love also about the warm-up exercises is how they make me teach my dogs to calm down and relax in a high excitement environment - it had huge positive effects on both our relationship and mental concentration.«

- Nina Gregl (Croatia); Agility World Championship member since 2014 with 4 different dogs, multiple time member of European Open, Norwegian Open winner in 2018

"Good overview of the importance and techniques of warm up and cool down. I got some great ideas to add for my warm-up routine. Thanks!"

- Tiiu Toijala (Finnland); DVM, CCRT, resident ACVSMR (American college of veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation)

»We hear so much about importances of warm up and cool down prior to any activity we do with our dogs. I always try my best with warm up and cool down but I also worry that my warm up routine doesn't include all necessary exercises that help engage specific muscles. Thanks to Jana's Warm up / Cool down Routine video, I know exactly what has been missing in my routine, and now I can include it and help my dogs be even better prepared for running agility. Thank you Jana and Dogs4motion!«

- Lea Komat (Slovenia); Member of Agility World Championship (2017-2018) & European Open (2016-2019)

"Absolutely awesome course and a must-have for every competitor. Rich in content yet clear as crystal. Strongly recommended."

- Iwona Golab (Poland); Multiple time European Open and Agility World Championship member

"Easy to follow, indepth warm up / cool down explanations! I feel so strongly about this topic so its great to have a professional that also competes in many dog sports like Jana here to educate us! I personally use these methods of warm up & cool down with my own dogs, investing our next run and the longevity of our sports career together :)"

- Naarah Cuddy (Great Britain); Multiple Agility World Championship and European Open member, Founder of Into Shape Agility

»I liked the Warm up / Cool down Routine videos very much and will for sure adjust my warming up/cooling down of my dogs to these recommendations!«

Simone Ullrich Pansi (Austria); Owner of Agilityhalle Berghausen, multiple time European Open and Agility World Championship member

»After watching this video I can add new tricks to my warm up routine. Thanks to cool down and manual stretching I can notice slight muscle tension and ask my physiotherapist for preventive checkup before it can become a problem.«

Miha Primožič (Slovenia); Multiple time European Open and Agility World Championship member

»Very informative for everyone who run agility with their dogs! Everyone who watch this video can master the correct warm-up / cool-down method before and after exercise. This video explains in detail what to do, how to do it, and what to look out for.
I learned from Jana that if I do cool-down when I need to warm up (and vice versa), my dog's performance may not be fully utilized and can lead to injuries. Incorporating the right warm-up / cool-down and daily conditioning workouts, so that our dog can exercise well and reduce the risk of injuries, and also quickly notice any minor anomalies in our dog.

Tomoko Nakaminami (Japan); Active competitior in Agility


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